North American Olive Oil Association

NAOOA Objectives

I. The Objectives of the Association:

  • to effectively promote the consumption of olive oil through publicity on its nutritional and health benefits, its unique taste characteristics, and the versatility of its uses;
  • to foster use of the proper nomenclature for the different grades and types of olive oil as set out in the international standard for olive oil, taking due note of the particular needs of the U.S. and Canadian marketplace;
  • to establish procedures to assure the accurate labeling for the various grades and types of olive oil;
  • to periodically sample olive oil sold in the U.S. and Canada and to submit it to an accredited laboratory for analysis to verify that it is properly labeled;
  • to serve as a clearinghouse for laboratory results obtained by member companies on products that appear to be misbranded;
  • to represent the industry before government agencies and trade associations, here and abroad, insofar as they affect the olive oil market in the U.S. and Canada;
  • to promote the common business interests of the members;
  • to promote the adoption of specific laws and regulations that will benefit the olive oil industry, and to encourage compliance with all laws and regulations that affect the industry;
  • to support scientific and other forms of research that will benefit the olive oil industry;
  • to afford due consideration to and expression of the opinion of the membership on issues affecting the industry; and
  • to cooperate with other organizations, both public and private, that are organized to foster the growth and development of the olive oil industry.

II. Publications Available from the Association

Upon written request, the Association can provide single copies of the publications listed below. Many of these materials are available for free download elsewhere on this web sites. The prices indicated here are only to cover duplication and postage expenses for hard copies.

  • Olive Oil Fact Sheet – explanation of the various types of olive oil - 1 page. (Free)
  • Did You Know... – various facts about olive oil - 2 pages. (Free)
  • Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Olive Oil - 4 pages. (Free)
  • 6,000 Years of Pleasure: The History and Lore of Olive Oil - 1 page. (Free)
  • Entertain with Olive Oil – recipes and general information – brochure. (Free)
  • Olive Oil: A Friend of Your Health - recipes and general information – brochure. (Free)
  • Olive Oil...A Recipe for Living - recipes and general information – brochure. (Free)
  • Only Olive Oil – recipes and general information – brochure. (Free)
  • Year-round Grilling with Olive Oil – recipes and general information – brochure. (Free)
  • What to Spread on Bread Instead... – recipe booklet. (Free)
  • Olive Oil 1-2-3 – recipe cards. (Free)
  • The Salad Collection: Six Glorious Recipes from the California Salad Competition (1985) – recipe brochure. (Free)
  • The Barcelona Declaration on the Mediterranean Diet – 1 page. (Free)
  • Total imports of olive oil into the United States (in pounds, kilograms and gallons) compiled by year from 1982 to the present – 1 page. (Free)
  • Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide – 1 page. (Free)
  • Brief description of the structure and function of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) – 1 page. (Free)
  • “How Olive Oil Is Produced” – a brief overview of olive oil production, excerpted from Olive Oil: A Guide for the Culinary Professional, published by the IOOC – 2 pages. (Free)
  • “Olive Oil Production: From the Orchard to the Mill,” a more detailed explanation of the harvest-ing and pressing of olives and the processing and refining of olive oil, excerpted from the World Olive Encyclopedia by the IOOC – 13 pages. ($1.50)
  • “The Common or Usual Name for Nonstandardized Foods – Mixtures of edible fat or oil and olive oil” from the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR ยง102) – 1 page. (Free)
  • Olive Oil and Health – 64-page booklet with detailed scientific information about the chemistry of olive oil and how it affects the human body; published by the IOOC. ($10.00)
  • The Olive Tree. The Oil. The Olive. – 127-page book (softbound) containing information on the cultivation of olives, the production of olive oil, the benefits of olive oil to human health, as well as recipes utilizing olives and olive oil; published by the IOOC. ($10.00)
  • International Trade Standard for Olive Oil (IOOC) – 16 pages. ($2.00)
  • Brief Labeling Guide for Olive Oil: U.S. Regulations – 7 pages. ($5.00)
  • Brief Labeling Guide for Olive Oil: Canadian Regulations – 4 pages. ($2.00)
  • “Olive Oil: A Balanced World Market” – a report on the world olive oil market presented by Fausto Luchetti, Executive Director of the IOOC, at the NAOOA Mid-Year Meeting held on January 18, 2002 – 25 pages. ($2.00)
  • Brief Overview of the Brazilian Olive Oil Market – 7 Pages. ($1.50)
  • Directory of NAOOA members, listed in the annual publication of the Association of Food Industries, Inc., which also includes the directories of several other associations. ($45.00)
  • “Pomace Oil - The Deception Game” – 1 page. (Available to food distributors)
  • Bylaws of the Association. (Available to companies applying for membership)
  • Minutes of meetings of the Association. (Available to companies applying for membership)
  • Description of the NAOOA Quality Control Program – 1 page. (Available to companies applying for membership)
  • Effect of Extraction Systems on the Quality of Virgin Olive Oil - a technical paper, excerpted from the November 1994 issue of the Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, on research done by the Istituto Sperimentale per la Elaiotecnica, Citta S. Angelo (PE), Italy – 6 pages. (Available to companies applying for membership)

Please note that a postage and handling charge will be assessed for requests of more than three free items. All of the above materials are subject to availability.


The North American Olive Oil Association uses the promotional services of Exponent, 8500 Normandale Lake Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55437.

The International Olive Oil Council, Principe de Vergara, 154, 28002 Madrid, Spain, represents the interests of the olive oil producing countries that belong to the International Olive Oil and Table Olive Agreement of 1986. It promotes olive oil worldwide and provides technical services to the growers of olives and the producers of olive oil.

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